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04 Aug

Why You Need to Hire Professionals to Clean the Walkways & Parking Garages of Your Commercial Properties

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  • Tony Williams

Whether you own or manage a commercial property, you have the responsibility of keeping that property clean and looking it’s best. Real estate management firms and building owners face keeping the walkways, patios, parking lots, common areas, garages, and all exterior surfaces of their properties clean and clear of debris.

The goal should be to find a company with a stellar reputation, one that is ADA compliant, experienced, and reliable, which also offers competitive pricing. If you’re a property manager, you will want your clients to know that you are working with quality professionals, not fly by night companies.

You only have one chance to make an excellent first impression. When a client arrives at your commercial property, he or she is likely to come by car, and you need to make sure the property is clean. That car will be parked in your parking lot or parking garage. If they see debris and dirt, their first impression will be that you don’t concern yourself with cleanliness. That person may be turned off thinking you are not interested in the details, or maybe even that you are sloppy, which is a poor reflection on how you might do business. The walkways that lead them to your door need to be clear of debris and garbage and not stained or covered in dirt. What a person sees on the outside of a property will affect how that person views the inside. You and your business are what’s inside.

Professional companies will use professional equipment.

There is a big difference between DIY cleaning equipment that someone buys at the big box home improvement store and what commercial cleaners use. When a professional company comes out to clean your parking lot, ask if they will bring tenant sweepers. These commercial sweeper machines have a patented cleaning technology that is extremely effective, even in large areas, and offer optimal dust control when used in outdoor applications. They will have vacuum trucks and will also use conventional brooms and blowers. They’ll bring a team of people who will sweep the areas and remove all dirt and debris altogether.

Walkways should be pressure washed regularly. Walkways get dirty from the many shoes that pass over them. Shoes pick up dirt, oil, and gas. Rain and inclement weather will make walkways lose their polish too. Keeping them blown and swept is very important. Still, scheduling regular pressure washing of all outdoor surfaces will help keep them looking good while adding to their longevity.

Clean walkways and parking lots are safer. Debris and trash are not just unsightly; they can be tripped over. Broken glass can be stepped on or can cause flat tires. A company that brings a power sweeper out to your commercial property will assure the removal of sand, dirt, glass, and metal particles, ensuring the property is clean.

Trash cans must be emptied regularly, and hiring a service that will clean and remove all trash is the best plan.

We are facing new challenges with safety regarding surfaces that may be touched by multiple people each day. Wiping down all handrails, edges of garbage cans, fire extinguishers, and any hard surface that can hold germs is essential. All hard surfaces need to be kept clean and wiped down as often as possible.

Have a plan for health and safety.

Be sure to engage a company with a proven track record and is known for its safe and environmentally friendly exterior cleaning services. Their employees should be OSHA-certified and trained in best practices for health and safety.

When hiring a company to keep your parking lots, garages, multi-story parking structures, and the common areas and walkways around your commercial building, make sure they consult with you to ascertain your specific needs. Once they have surveyed the work and determine the best plan for your company going forward, they can create an annual maintenance plan that meets your needs and budget. They may also be able to include regular power washing of the building’s exterior.

If you own or manage commercial properties in and around the Houston Texas area, Goldstone Exterior would be happy to meet with you and create the best plan for keeping your property clean and safe. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and offer high quality, safe, environmentally friendly exterior services. We especially pride ourselves on our commitment to keeping people and the environment safe.

You can find out more about all the many services we offer on our website at https://goldstoneexterior.com/ or give us a call (713) 462-6900

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