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Professional, Durable Houston Parking Lot Paint Striping

You can tell a lot about a property by looking at the parking garage or parking lot. That is why property managers and owners have trusted Goldstone Exterior Services with parking lot striping, design and maintenance for years.  We offer striping services for parking lots, parking garages, warehouse floors, and any area in need of parking dividers, directional arrows, or any other painted signs.

Clean, well designed parking areas with vivid stripes provide several benefits to owners and operators:

  • Organization and Efficiency:  Lines and signs provides guidance to residents or tenants regarding what direction to drive, who has the right of way, where to park and where pedestrians can walk.  A parking garage in disarray is an unsafe parking garage, so let Goldstone assist you in creating an efficient, organized, safe and easy to navigate parking area
  • Customer Satisfaction and Improved appearance: Crisp, vivid lines in a clean parking area creates a positive first impression for your clients.  It’s an easy way to show customers that you care about their experience and demonstrates a high level of service through attention to detail
  • Safety and Liability:  Over time painted lines fade. Without the lines, confusion rises to fill the void. Where there is confusion, there is danger and a higher risk of accidents, and since it is your property, you are liable for any accidents that may occur

Our striping services include:

  • New Layouts or Construction
  • Existing Layouts – Restriping Services, Including New Colors, and Consultative Services for Layout Improvement
  • Cover-Up or Remove Existing Parking Lot Stripes
  • ADA and Fire Lane Consultation and Stencils
  • Install Signs, Bollards, Posts, Wheel Stops and Other Structures
  • All Colors of Paint Available
  • Fire Lanes
  • Directional Arrows & Stenciling
  • Traffic Lines
  • Seal Coating, Concrete / Asphalt Repair to Address Any Structural Surface Damage Prior to Painting

We highly recommend pressure washing prior to painting new lines to remove any loose paint, dirt, and debris. This provides a clean surface for the new paint to adhere to and improves both the look and the life of the paint.

Call Goldstone Exterior Services to receive a free consultation on your parking lot needs at 713-462-6900.