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25 Apr

Potholes or Faded Parking Stripes? Hire a Professional Houston Exterior Repair Team

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  • Tony Williams

Studies show that there’s an employee-employer disconnect right now about coming back into the office. Workers have gotten used to working from home and only about 17% want to come back.

Maybe the idea of a commute followed by picking their way through a treacherous parking lot is not so appealing. There’s something you can do about that. Add to the value of your property and its appeal to workers by making your parking lot safe and inviting.

Let’s take a closer look at how exterior repair can boost your company’s reputation and employee satisfaction.

Why Hire Exterior Repair Services in Houston?

Houston is famous for its hot summers with temperatures averaging 94°F in July and August. All of that heat and UV radiation take their toll on parking lot finishes and exterior paint surfaces. 

It causes premature aging of asphalt meaning that it fades, dries out, and cracks more easily. Even concrete is not immune to the effects of UV.

In more temperate parts of the country, an asphalt car park may last for up to 30 years and a concrete one up to 50 years. It’s likely to be much less in Houston.

Nobody wants to look out on a mess of potholes from their office window and it doesn’t give the right impression to clients either. Plus, faded parking stripes just make life difficult for anyone who has to use it. It’s time to call in a Houston exterior repair team that specializes in exterior surfaces that can endure the Texas heat.

Exterior Repair & Cleaning Services

Unfortunately, commercial office buildings and retail centers can be magnets for vandals.

Graffiti is a crime in Texas and there is a link between graffiti, property values, and business growth. This is known as the ‘broken window theory.’ Grafitti on a building lowers residents’ perception of the quality of services offered by the business.

If you get tagged, you need to take swift action before it affects your bottom line. Exterior cleaning services in Houston can promptly remove graffiti. They can also help you to beef up protection for your building so that it’s less of a target for vandals. 

Over time, dust, dirt, and mold can cling to the exterior walls of your building. It may not do any structural damage at this time but doesn’t project professionalism. Pressure washing is the solution.

Pressure washing gets under the dirt and essentially digs it out. It exposes the original finish of the concrete beneath, giving you a fresh, clean appearance. This can also be used on exterior paintwork that is covered in dust and grime.

Car Park Resurfacing

Potholes can be very valuable, but only to attorneys and plaintiffs!

If you’re responsible for a parking lot attached to your business, you’re opening yourself up to lawsuits. Regular maintenance is essential to keep parking lots pothole-free and to keep the top surface in good condition. Loose, broken asphalt is also a serious slip, trip, and fall hazard.

Some parking lots just need a little maintenance. Sometimes filling in potholes and cracks is all you need. Choose a company that will come and inspect your parking lot and gives you a customized plan for your property.

If you need a full-scale resurfacing job, make sure you choose a company with the capacity to get it done to a high standard. Check out their sample projects to see the difference they’ve made to other businesses in the area.

Car Park Lines and Bollards

Faded parking stripes are not just useless, but can be a liability. You can get people parking in areas they shouldn’t and crosswalks may not be clear. This can lead to safety issues that are otherwise easily avoided.

Parking lot striping should be bold, clear, and clean. Power sweeping can help to remove dirt and other abrasives from the surface of your parking lot. Follow this up with new stripes. 

Completing these two simple maintenance jobs will make it look like you’ve got a whole new parking lot. 

Exterior Painting

Like concrete and asphalt surfaces, those UV rays will damage painted services after some time. Include exterior painting as part of your maintenance plan. Every 5 years is probably about the limit to keep it looking its best in Houston.

Fencing Services

Fences and gates send out a message to workers, customers, and would-be intruders. They need to project a sense of security and strength and that requires regular maintenance.

If your fences and gates are less than secure, you could become a target. Your employees may also feel nervous about leaving their vehicles in the parking lot. Prioritize security by keeping them in good order.

Customized Solutions for Your Industry

Every business wants its business premises to look their best, but that doesn’t mean a one-size-fits-all approach works. You need to find a company that can create a bespoke plan for your business that meets your needs and fits your budget.

This might mean regular parking lot cleaning and trash collection. Or you may only need them once a year for pressure washing or seal coating.

Cleaning standards vary from industry to industry. For example, the EPA sets strict controls over the collection of wastewater from pressure cleaning in the oil industry. Find a company that understands your industry and the legal requirements.

Exterior repair and maintenance can help you to increase your property value. Make your premises stand out from the crowd and project an image of confidence and trustworthiness.

Choose Goldstone for Houston Exterior Repair

Exterior repair and maintenance services can make a huge difference to your business. They make your building inviting for employees and clients. It keeps them safe and protects you from lawsuits and vandalism.

At Goldstone Exterior Services, we are committed to safety and customer satisfaction. Our crews are OSHA-certified and highly trained. 

Call us today at 713-462-6900 or contact us online to schedule a free on-site consultation. 

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