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12 Jan

How to Find and Hire the Best Power Washing Company in Houston, TX

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  • Tony Williams

In 2021, the global power washing market had a revenue of $2,629.1 million. This industry is vast because it’s a much-needed service.

Pressure washing cleans hard surfaces, including buildings and parking lots. You can hire a company if you need these services.

But it would help if you found the right power washing company to hire. So how do you find the right one?

Check out this guide to find and hire the best power washing company in Houston, TX.

Search Local for a Power Washing Company

Power washing is an effective service designed for exterior purposes. You can hire this service to clean your building’s exterior.

Additionally, it’s useful for sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. It’s also great for homes.

However, contractors only offer services in a specific location. So the best place to start is searching locally for power washing services.

You can type in “Houston power washing company” to generate a list of local businesses. This search might yield dozens of power washing companies in the Houston area.

Thus, you’ll have a few more steps after gathering a list of local businesses.

Research the Company’s Reputation

While dozens of companies offer power washing services, they’re not all equal. You’ll want a company that provides excellent services. And a business that offers excellent services has a good reputation.

But an excellent reputation takes time to build. It always takes providing consistent services. So how can you determine a company’s reputation?

Here are several ways:

Read Reviews

The Internet is the best source for reviews. Customers willingly leave reviews for contractors they hire. So you might find good ones and bad ones.

Spending just a few minutes reading these can reveal what most people think about a power washer. Thus, you can narrow your list through this step.

Ask for References

Next, contact the company and ask for references. A company with a great reputation will offer several references for you to check. References can tell you their thoughts about a company’s work.

Look at Their Work

You can look up the businesses from the references you receive. Then, drive by the properties to see for yourself. Viewing a contractor’s work lets you see the work the company provides.

Consider Their Specialty

Power washing is excellent for residential and commercial purposes. But, most companies specialize in one or the other.

You can search for residential power washing professionals if you need services at your home. Or you can search for commercial services if you need services for your business.

Residential services are different from commercial pressure washing services. Therefore, this factor matters.

A home might get dirty from normal wear and tear. But a business has more exposure to other things. For example, hundreds of cars might come and go in a business parking lot daily. Thus, the parking lot will get much dirtier.

A commercial company understands the challenges business owners face with their exteriors. As a result, they’ll know how to clean every area of your building’s exterior.

As a result, always hire a contractor with the correct specialty.

Ask About Their Credentials

Power washing uses highly pressurized water to clean hard surfaces. Thus, there are risks with this process. As a business owner, you can reduce these risks by vetting the contractors you hire.

One way to vet a contractor is to ask about their credentials. For example, a commercial power washing company should have:


Contractors buy liability insurance plans to protect themselves financially. They can file claims on these policies to cover damages. Their customers can also seek compensation from these policies.

A contractor’s insurance covers physical property damages. They also cover injuries and other things. You might experience trouble recouping money if you hire an uninsured contractor.


Contractors purchase surety bonds to become bonded. These bonds guarantee the contractor’s work. If they do faulty work, you can receive compensation through their bond.

Business License

Always ask to see a contractor’s license before hiring them. The license proves they meet the standards in your city and county. It also proves they have the legal right to offer services there.

The bottom line is to stick with a power washer that is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Learn the Methods

The best power washing companies use methods that work well. One of the most effective methods is closed-loop pressure washing.

This system uses high-pressure water to remove:

  • Oil and grease
  • Mold and mildew
  • Dirt and debris
  • Rust

A closed system first sprays the water to clean the surfaces. Then, it vacuums the water to remove it. As a result, this system doesn’t leave water everywhere.

You can also hire a company to remove graffiti with this method. Graffiti removal requires a few more steps and a little more time. But power washing can remove it.

Before you hire a company, ask what methods they use. Additionally, tell them the problems your business has. Then, ask if they can address those.

Some companies will stop at your business to see it before offering too much information. Viewing it helps them see what challenges they face. Thus, they’ll give you accurate information about your job.

Try Them Out

You can find the best power washing in Texas by considering these tips. But, ultimately, you should try a company’s services to see for yourself.

The only way to judge a company’s services is by hiring them. So give it a try. Then, you’ll see their work.

For example, you’ll see how professional they are. You’ll also see how well they clean up afterward.

Then you can decide if the company meets your standards. If so, you’ll have a company to call every time you need power washing services.

Hire the Best Power Washing Business

Power washing is a service that improves your business’s looks and property values. Your customers form judgments about your business by its looks. So caring for your building’s exterior can make a significant difference.

Contact us if you need to hire a power washing company in Houston, TX. We specialize in commercial pressure washing. But we also offer other helpful services your business might need.

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