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05 Jan

How Much Does Parking Lot Paint Striping Typically Cost?

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  • Tony Williams

Parking lots require paint striping around once per year.

Have you received a quote for a parking lot and are unsure about how much it costs? Then, we’re here to tell you. That way, you pay it in full without causing any hassle.

Read on for your guide to parking lot paint striping.

How Much Does Parking Lot Paint Striping Cost?

The amount it costs to stripe a parking lot can be determined by several factors. These include the:

  • Size of the parking lot
  • Type of paint used
  • Number of coats needed

For a small parking lot, the amount can be as small as just $100. But for larger lots, parking lot striping can be priced as high as $1,000.

Other Factors Affecting Parking Lot Pricing

The number of spaces can affect the parking lot paint striping cost.

In addition, the parking line is also a factor if you need one fitted. A single line can cost from $4 to $5. Some lines can cost up to $200 to $300, depending on the size of the lot and how big the job is.

Paint also from a parking lot striping company must be added to the equation. This typically will set you back somewhere between $90 and $150. A higher amount is typical for general-sized parking lots with handicapped spaces.

The majority of the pricing will be on mobilizing. This lands usually from $250 to $350 and is the largest factor involved in the whole cost.

How to Calculate Parking Lot Paint Striping

The first step in working out the cost is to calculate the measurements of the parking lot. This includes how wide the parking lot stripes are, along with their length.

For a small parking lot, it might only need around four inches of stripes, while a larger one might need double this. Calculate the length, then next after you’re finished with the width.

The length of the stripes will be dependent upon the size of the lot. Examples here are 20-foot stripes for a small parking lot and 40-foot stripes for large ones.

What Else Gets Involved in the Calculations

The price of a parking lot works out at about $0.24 for each linear foot of 4-inch lines. The cost of all of the following are determined separately:

  • Colors
  • Letters
  • Car stop signs
  • Handicapped signs
  • Painting the curbs

The paved region around the lot can be calculated by multiplying the number of stalls needed in the area by the approximate number of stalls in the whole region. A 200-space parking lot will, for example, get calculated in conjunction with 1.5 acres of land or 325 square feet for each stall.

Get Your Free Estimate on Your Parking Lot Striping Here

Parking lot paint striping can cost a low or high amount, depending on a number of factors. Now, you know the cost gets calculated if you’ve received a quote.

Want help with your working out your parking lot striping price? Contact us right away! We’re here to help you every step of the way, so you don’t incur any penalties.

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