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How to Choose Exterior Repair Services for Businesses in Houston

Published On: 6th, Dec 2022

In the business world, first impressions are everything. When a customer or potential business partner arrives, they expect to see a clean and functional exterior. If the exterior is in disarray, they may decide to take their business elsewhere. How […]

Top 5 Ways Exterior Repair Services Can Enhance Your Commercial Property Value

Published On: 7th, Nov 2022

Covid-19 hit the commercial building industry hard; it’s estimated that revenue in 2020 from the commercial building industry dropped by 17.8%. As a commercial building owner, you must keep your property values up. Forgetting to maintain the exterior of your building could be […]

How Do You Fill Cracks in Asphalt? An Exterior Repair Expert Answers

Published On: 12th, Oct 2022

Did you know that customers are more than two times as likely to recommend a business that looks great on the outside? Ignoring exterior repairs on Houston commercial properties—like not taking the time to fill cracks in asphalt—can damage your […]

How to Remove Graffiti: Top Tips From Goldstone Exterior Services, TX

Published On: 5th, Oct 2022

Graffiti, as we know it today, first appeared in Philadelphia in the early 1960s, and by the late 1960s, it had reached New York. Graffiti writers and artists initially started by tagging their names across urban landscapes, but over the years, graffiti changed […]