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04 Aug

7 Tips on Hiring Pressure Washing Services for Businesses in Houston

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  • Tony Williams

Research projections show that the contract cleaning industry will grow at a CAGR of 5.38% from 2021 to 2026. Don’t underestimate the power of cleanliness to the growth of your business. Clients often choose to work with a company based on their first impression. So, perhaps now is the perfect time to consider hiring pressure washing services.

But finding the right service provider in this industry isn’t easy as you think. You’ll come across providers whose sole objective is to rip you off. Their services may not match what you expected.

To be on the safe side, explore many options before committing to a provider. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Look at their Reputation

The companies on your radar have a rich history behind them. You can learn a lot about your options by researching their industry perception. This information might be a click away, thanks to recent technological advancements.

Most clients wouldn’t mind sharing their experience with a company after receiving its services. Reading online reviews can therefore be a powerful way to establish the level of service delivery to expect from a company. The more positive reviews a company gets, the higher the chances they’ll meet your expectations.

Aside from the internet, turn to your circle for information on the reputation of the companies you’d like to work with. Your contacts are in a better position to give you first-hand information about their experience with a company. Talk to as many people as possible to get an accurate reputational assessment of the companies.

Companies also have websites where they advertise their services, including the quality to expect. Only consider relying on this information as a last resort. It’s not unusual to come across a company that blows its own trumpet on the website only for them to underperform when you give them a job.

2. Comparing Pressure Washing Costs

Yes, times are hard post-pandemic and the ever-rising inflation. Therefore, it’s understandable to feel the urge to jump onto the cheapest deals for pressure washing commercial buildings. Avoid the temptation at all costs.

When a deal is too sweet to be true, then it isn’t. A company offering services at rates way lower than the market price will, in most cases, compromise on quality. They are in this business to make a profit just like you.

Compromising quality helps them reduce their expenses to a level that allows them to break even in the worst case. Instead of cutting corners, ask all the reputable companies you’ve found to give you a quotation for the service you want. This will give you an idea of the baseline prices in the industry that guarantee value for money.

3. Ask for an Insurance/Warranty Before Hiring Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing, like any other task, has risks that could have detrimental consequences. First, your building and business property could sustain damages during pressure washing. Then there’s the likelihood of someone getting hurt during pressure washing.

Protect yourself from shouldering part of these risks by working with service providers who have insurance. The insurance coverage is a sign that you’ll get compensation if you incur losses from the cleaning. It also ensures that any party who sustains injuries during the cleaning will get the proper medical attention.

Sometimes even the most reputable company may end up underperforming in their duties. This is rare, but there must be a contingency plan when it happens. A warranty comes into play at this point.

A warranty guarantees that the company will deliver the pressure washing experience to your satisfaction. If the company fails to do so the first time, it will have to repeat the job at its expense. A warranty is a strong indicator of the high confidence that a company has in its service delivery.

4. Specialization

You must know your cleaning needs before you enlist the services of a pressure washing company. This is because different companies specialize in different cleaning areas. For instance, a company may offer exterior cleaning services only while you hire them, thinking they clean the interior too.

Determining a company’s area of expertise is easy. Most companies state the exact services that they offer on their websites. You could also contact their representatives for direct inquiries.

Specialization helps companies develop effective techniques for cleaning areas they are familiar with. This plays a pivotal role in ensuring they deliver superior services. It also helps them give you better advice on how to care for spaces.

5. Their Experience Level

Looking at the experience level of each company on your list can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. A company that’s been in business for a long has a higher probability of meeting your cleaning needs. Experience shows they’ve developed and tested various techniques for cleaning buildings.

Any company operating for more than two years should be worth considering. This doesn’t mean you should discriminate against start-ups. Try focusing on the experience of the employees rather than the company if a company looks like it is in its nascent stage.

6. The Size of Your Space

The size of your property determines the kind of pressure washing equipment appropriate for the job. If your business covers substantial space, work with a company with a large workforce and lots of equipment. Such a team will perform the task in the shortest time at the right quality.

Small businesses should consider working with medium or small pressure washing companies. Their workforce and equipment should be sufficient for your cleaning needs. The size of the space you need to clean will play a role in discount negotiations – leverage it.

7. Time Frame

A pressure washing provider should be in a position to estimate the duration of the cleaning. The time frame will depend on the nature of the stains in question. It’s also dependent on the kind of surface that needs cleaning.

Work with companies that are not only thorough but also efficient. This company will provide time estimates and stick to the schedule. This way, you’ll manage disruptions to your routine.

A Professional Is a Call Away

Stay on top of the competition by ensuring your business environment is always at its highest level of cleanliness. Hiring pressure washing services frees you to focus on your core competencies as professionals meet your cleaning needs.

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